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born in baltimore , maryland .young talented artist younggoldie is a song writer, dancer, singer, raper and the time he was three he was signed with 3rd exit and def jam and when things started to go wrong with the relationship between his mom and her husband lavon . things started to slow down on his deal.he never gave up every since he kept raping and dancing until he turned twelve then started doing conerts and show also, the unforgetable time he raped for the assistant princible who worked at franklin square elementary/middle school #95 for her retirement party. younggoldie has chozen the stagename younggoldie because ,before he raped he used to singand his musical influence (artist) Lloyd named his company young goldie music as his label so he name himself younggoldie.younggoldie performed in schools and events like guest artist back to school events, partist and at the forum.2008 younggoldie made his own version of another ifluemce (artist) song name scooter smiff. He met him at north avenue at the border of education in the summer of 2008. then re-recorded a hit single called \\\"head of my class\\\". He recorded his first song in 2004 with the group third exit. His favorite songs is made by scooter smiff and lloyd- you and fresh 2 def originally made by scooter smiff.1(818)-748-9922 his fanline.