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Ever After Disaster

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Ever After Disaster


Not a suicide note so much as a fucking death wish




Taking a brief departure into a faster beat set and directionality of viewpoint, \\"Not a suicide note so much as a fucking death wish\\" takes us on a ride through the uncaring eyes of a man hell bent on the destruction of the senses of the listener. From suicide to self destruction, abortion, separation and finally, culminating in the departure from reality altogether, Suicide is the only album from Ever After Disaster\\\'s library that sounds remotely like this. Track listing 01. If this is the beginning, then you can keep the fucking end 02. Nobody loves you and you should kill yourself 03. If you want to kill yourself, I’ll be glad to help 04. The human body is my ashtray 05. Instead of I do, I should have said I won’t 06. This is all just a bad dream 07. If I thought it’d do any good 08. Three cheers for abortion 09. Why don’t you go fuck yourself 10. You’re in my world now