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Instruments Played:  Keyboards - Drums - Guitar


Relationship Status: Married


KEVIN DAVID has been a musician all his life and has formed numerous bands around the country over the years. When possible Kev enjoys playing all of the instruments when recording his own tunes, but also values what can be achieved by using a band. Although most proficient on keys and drums, he does play guitar on some of his recordings except when a more experienced player is available. Most recently while living in Nashville, Kev was part of a duo in which he used his midi'd keyboard/drum system to pre-program bass and drum parts while playing keyboard/synth sounds live. His partner would then play all of the stringed instruments live and the result would sound like a four piece band. Kev played in this musical situation for a couple of years before returning to Southern California. Eventually Kev tired of playing in regular band situations with permanent players because of all the ego problems that always seemed to surface and break up almost every band he'd been in. He decided it might be best to try a different approach for his next band and instead of a band made up of four or five permanent members, Kev has a number of musician/collaborator friends that he uses whenever needed for gigs or recording. Meet KEVIN DAVID - a working, and evolving maker of music!


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