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Jayquan has always had a passion for music. Being surrounded by entertainers all his life, Jayquan got his first taste of the business hanging around with his mother, who was a dancer for the legendary Tito Puente, and his father who was lead singer of a Doo-Wop group called The Emeralds.

As Jayquan got older he formed a group with his friends. They spent time dancing and performing with various artists and were finally discovered. The group was called the Nas-T Boyz, and they were known for their unique choreography and breathtaking performances. They had hits including “What I’m Feeling”, “The Search”, and “Intimate Strangers”. Those hits led them to a nomination for the Freestlye Dance Music Awards.

Later, Jayquan and Tito Puente Jr. formed a group calling themselves “The Latin Rhythm”. Together they made many hits including “Ritmo Latino”, “Oye Como Va” and “Azucar”. This collaboration allowed Jayquan the opportunity to be a part of Music Videos, Movies and TV Shows. The remix of “Oye Como Va” won them the 1997 Latin Billboard Award for Video of the Year. They toured around the world to places such as Puerto Rico, Mexico, Miami, California, New York, Alaska, Hondouras, etc. They also performed along side of artists such as Tito Puente, Celia Cruz, Marky Mark, La India, Marc Anthony and many well known freestyle and latin artists.

Still representing Nas-T Boyz, Jayquan is also pursuing his solo career. He continues performing all over the United States at various events, festivals, club venues, private parties, etc. In addition, he donates his time performing for charity events focusing on raising money for good causes. He has also recently taken on the role of an actor, and is currently filming for an upcoming movie. As a multi-talented vocalist, his style ranges include R&B, Pop, Latin and a bit of Reggaeton. His upcoming album will surely be another musical masterpiece.


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