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Da Repa featuring Sakorey


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At the age of 11, Dequaun Revelus also known as Da Repa began to rap he wrote every where he went.. in school, in the bathroom, lol etc everywhere. He was put down numerous times being told he couldn't rap and he wouldn't make it through life as anything. But the boy was very confident and persistent he chased his dream even though people told him not to because he wouldn't make it. He was told by family members and some friends that he had the potential to be a good rapper u need to have more emotion when u do it though, he didn't know what they meant. June,28,2008 his uncle died and he had this burning feeling inside to release anger....he couldn't go out and just fight people so he made music as he normally would do and for some reason the music sounded better when he had a lot of emotion in his rhymes. Da Repa is now 17 years old and his legacy begins here..........


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