Spotsylvania - Virginia, United States of America

Madison Wolf

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Instruments Played:  Guitar - violin - mandolin

Website:  http://www.madisonwolf.com


Madison's grandfather built her her first guitar when she was 1.  She promptly walked on it.  He later rebuilt it, and she's been playing it appropriately since she was about 3.  Madison is also skilled on the violin, mandolin and Dobro. Just to look at her you would think she was just an average school-girl.  Madison enjoys studying Foreign Languages and Orchestra.  In her free time she likes to ski, go skateboarding on her rip stick, going fishing, roller-blading, horseback riding and playing tennis.  She also likes to read.  Some of her favorite books include Twilight, Sheep, Flowers For Algernon, The Cay and Eclipse.  Madison also loves enjoying a good movie with her family and friends.  Some of her favorite movies are Phantom Of The Opera, Titanic, Avatar, Twilight and Eclipse.  And of course Madison has a true love and appreciation for music.  Her knowledge of music goes far beyond her age.  She enjoys Colbie Caillat, Boston, Led Zeppelin, Taylor Swift, Alicia Keys, Jason Mraz, John Mayer and many others.


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