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Ever After Disaster

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Ever After Disaster is an undefined musical project. It consists of myself, who named the project after a failed marriage.  I started out making music when I moved to Florida for a brief period in 2003, where I was introduced to an array of synthesizer programs by a friend. Before this introduction, I had done some experimenting in Acid with mixing and looping songs (in more or less primitive remix/compilation tracks).

My influences are electronic music, classical, and otherwise undefined sources. A lot of my music is heavy in the piano and string instruments, while the album “Not a suicide note so much as a fucking deathwish” was a complete departure from my normal style. After 12 independent/unsigned/exclusive albums, and hundreds of as-yet-to-be-released singles, as well as the 3 forgotten albums, Ever After Disaster remains what it set out to be: nothing more than a project.


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