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Instruments Played:  Guitar - Drums - Bass

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Writing music isn't easy and neither is writing this bio, so here it goes. My name is Eric Kimbrel. I play guitar and write my own music. I've been doing this shit since 1999. I've been in a few bands and have done several different musical projects myself. I have done most of the work myself but I have have some help and some collaborations along the way. So lets start at the beginning.

My dad is a excellent guitar player. He had tryed to teach me to play for years but I just wasn't interested. Then one day two of my buddies stopped by my house....it was Matt Haislip and Bill White. My dad was playing around alittle on his AXE and asked if either of them could play. Both of them could and they performed "Steal My Kisses" by Ben Harper, right there in my living room. My dad didn't seem to be impressed but I was. It was That moment that I said to myself, "If these two motherfuckers can play guitar, then I can too".

I practiced my ass off everyday. Dad helped me begin with a few easier songs like Melissa by The Allman Brothers. It wasn't long until I learned to read Tabulature and with the internet I learned to play songs that I liked. About 3 or 4 months later I finally attempted to play guitar in front of people. It was fucking shitty! Matt and Bill seemed impressed though. They asked me to be in a Band with them called Shroder. From that moment on I kept getting better.

Shroder lasted about 2 years and broke up due to confrontations about the future of the band. So I was on my own from there. I started writing my own music. Writing my feelings, my experiences, my thoughts, hopes and dreams. Really just everything I could think of. I'd do white 3 songs a week. They weren't any good but little did I know they would be more help then ever years later when I would record them.

In between everthing I was in a band called "Blatant". We played only one show. I was still writing though. No one had really even heard anything I wrote......that was finished.

In late 2001 I bought my first computer and a cheap music recording program. I layed down my first straight acoustic album called "Acoustic Apathy". I made a few copies to give to friends but thats about as far as it went. Now that I think about it....it was extremely lacking in quality.

Shortly after that, toward the end of the year, I got asked to be in a band called "Alfred Punk" for a music benefit. Thats were I got in with Lola Johns. My drivers linense was revolked at the time so Lola picked me up on days that we practiced. Lola was my best friends cousin so I knew her, just not very well. During this time I realized I could write my own drum tracks for my music on a program I had called "Fruity Loops". So I was laying down a track I had been working on when Lola showed up to pick me up for practice. I let her hear it and she liked it. She said she had a book of lyrics she had written over a period of time and asked me if I thought I could put music to them. Yes was my answer...so we began.

The Chalk Factory began in 2002. It was a project that consisted of collaborations between me and 5 others; Lola Johns, Jeremy Hallmark, Bob Dickens, Michael Springer, and Bill White. Lola contributed the most material for this project. Without her it wouldn't have been as good as it was. Her Lyrical genus took the music to a different level. It was then I realized I was falling for her and yes, of Course we ended up together. I produced 3 full length albums for this project; "Violet", "Album 2", and "A Conspiracy of Three". We also had a collection called "Improved" that contained songs that were cut for the albums and updated versions of random songs.

After that I spent a large amount of time writing. Lola and I moved 3 times and that really put a hault on music. Other than that I really have no idea what I did.

Then in 2005 I was messing around with something new when I created "The Blight Children" another solo project. It was a different style of music. It was upbeat and punkish, but still hard. I tryed singing in a different way and it worked. Material came pouring out of me. Inspiration had came back to me. It was good enough that I started advertising the project. I think I mailed out around 100 copies. Thats really where I needed help. I just got tired of advertising it. So I decided to move on to better things.

I took 2006 off from music to do other things. I wrote a song here and there but nothing much. Then around the end of 2007 I came back. My sound had matured and my lyrics were better. I put together a 24 track album called "The Phantom Of Realism", which I consider the best of the best. After I was done with it I was accually happy with it.

I am still writing, still playing and still recording. I'm slowly formimg a band at the moment and hopes of a little experiemental grunge. So thats my bio. I've been playing for almost 10 years, wrote around 300 songs, recorded around 150 songs, have like 8 albums, and tons of different ideas. Thanks for reading if you did. If you didn't then I don't really blame you..lol.


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