1. How much does it cost for an Artist Account on Unsigned Musicians?

You can creat an FREE account, or be a Diamond member and have unlimited space for only 2.99 a month.

2. I'm signed to an independent record label, can I still join?

Yes you can still join. UnsignedMusicians is a community for Unsigned and Independent Artists.

3. How do I login to UnsignedMusicians.com?

You can login to Unsigned by using the Login zone at the top right of the site, or by clicking here.

4. I lost/forgot my password to UnsignedMusicians.com. What do I do?

In case of loosing or forgeting your password, click on the Forgot your Password link in the Login zone (at the top right of the site). On this page, submit the email address you used to register and UnsignedMusicians will send you a NEW password for your Account via email.

5. I made a mistake while registering for an account. Can I use the same e-mail to register again?

No, but you can login and click on preferences and do any changes you want. The only thing you can't change is your URL.

6. I'm not receiving emails from Unsigned Musicians. Why is that?

Some e-mail providers have different security settings. On sites like hotmail, certain settings require you to add Unsigned Musicians to your allow list. Please click here to see how to allow our messages.

7. What tipe of songs can I upload to my Unsigned Musicians profile?

You can upload songs in standard MP3 format. Songs cannot be bigger than 8MB.

8. What are the recommended encoding settings for my songs?

All songs should be encoded with a bitrate of 128kbps and a frequency of 44kHz stereo.

9. Why my songs are playing weird?

Songs that play in a strange way are generally due to unusual encoding settings. Try re-encoding problematic MP3s with the recommended encoding settings (see above) and then re-upload them.

10. Why do my songs load but don't play?

Songs that load but don't play are encoded with unsupported compressions. Try re-encoding problematic MP3s with the recommended encoding settings (see above) and then re-upload them.

11. Are there accounts for record labels on Unsigned Musicians?

For the moment, labels can create a regular Account on Unsigned Musicians.

12. How do I transfer MP3's from a CD and/or another file format?

Try using Apple's iTunes for Windows or Mac. If not, do a search on Google for "MP3 conversion" to find another program.

13. My question is not in the FAQ? What do I do?

Use the forms bellow to send your question, we will reply right away.

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